ELECTRONIC PRESCRIBING Straight to your pharmacy

NHS prescriptions at Parkshot are sent electronically to a pharmacy of your choice.   This saves, the pharmacist, the practice and you, time.   It also prevents errors and streamlines the whole process.   If you have already nominated your chosen pharmacy you need to take no further action, and everything will continue as normal.

If you have not yet chosen a pharmacy, you need to give us your nomination as soon as you can.   The quickest and simplest method is to drop us a note via  PARKSHOT PATHWAYS or if you can't access the link, call reception on 020 8948 4217.   

You can also use this link to request prescriptions online - click on "I have an admin query", then select "Repeat Prescribing" and tell us what you need.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REGISTER TO USE THIS SERVICE, but you do have to be our patient !

Please note that private prescriptions, specially ordered items, and some controlled drugs given in instalments, cannot be issued electronically, you will need to contact us in these instances. (see above details).

We normally “turn perscriptions around” within 48 hours, but they have to be requested or handed in at the front desk by 12noon for the 48 hours to apply.   After this time, it is simply not possible for us to meet this deadline.   For example, if you drop your request into the prescription box at 1230 on a Monday, it will not be ready for collection until Thursday morning.  

We appreciate that this may seem a long wait, but we have to deal with over 500 requests a week and our doctors like to ensure that all medications are properly reviewed, which means accessing each medical record and reviewing drugs, quantities and time frames.   We take this very seriously and this task requires careful thought and protected time, so cannot be undertaken during consultations.

Order your repeat prescription online

Repeat Prescriptions

They can be requested in the following ways:

  • By clicking on our dedicated practice link : PARKSHOT PATHWAYS and selecting that you have an ADMIN QUERY.  Then either select "Repeat Prescribing" or "I need help with something else".  YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER TO USE THIS SERVICE, but you do have to be our patient !
  • Via your local pharmacy
  • Online using our clinical system website “Emis Patient Access” (please contact us via Parkshot Pathways above, if you have not already registered for use of this service)

We do not to transmit sensitive patient madication information by unsecured email (NHS emails are protected with high security system ).  Taking instruction from you in this way can lead to mistakes and misunderstanding with regards to the drugs requested, the dosage and frequency.

Batch Prescribing

Your doctor will inform you if you are on medication which is suitable for dispensing by Batch Prescribing.

Enrolling in this system will enable you to collect your regular prescriptions from a pharmacy of your choice without the need to come to the surgery.   Please speak to a member of the Patient Liaison team for further information.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept telephone or email requests for prescriptions.

Private Prescriptions

Please be aware that not all prescriptions issued by private consultants are available on the NHS. You should discuss with your consultant to avoid having to pay for private prescriptions. Our GP’s can issue prescriptions from private consultants provided that the items required are NHS approved.

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