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Private Fees

Below is our list of private charges payable by a patient or insurance company.

Private Fees  
Insurance Price / £
Holiday Cancellation 40.00
Private Health Insurance 40.00
Insurance Company request for Targeted report 55.00
Insurance company request for full medical (with bloods) 175.00
Insurance company request for medical (without bloods) 150.00
Medical Services  
Consultations per 15 mins (no bloods) 70.00
Nurse Consultation 20 mins 30.00
Medical Examination (with bloods) 175.00
Medical Examination (without bloods) 150.00
Solicitors Report 80.00
Private Prescription 15.00
Sick Certificate 15.00
Private Referral Letter within 24 hours 10.00
Forms and Certificates  
Fitness to Travel/Fly 25.00
Fitness to Attend Gym/Entertainment 25.00
Criminal Injuries Compensation Board 30.00
Ofsted Health Declaration Form 87.50
Blue Badge Application 30.00
Misc. Certificates/Forms/Letters 20.00 - 40.00
Travel Vaccinations and Immunisations  
Hep B   3 doses @ £40 each 120.00
Hep A   2 doses @ £45 each 90.00
Hep A & B   3 doses @ £65 each 195.00
Hep A / Typhoid   2 doses @ £65 each 130.00
Typhoid 30.00
Replacement International Certificate of Vaccination 15.00
Yellow Fever 60.00
Meningitis ACWY 60.00
Rabies   3 doses @ £60 each 180.00
Tick Bourne Encephalitis   2-3 doses @ £90 each 180.00 - 270.00
Japanese B Encephalitis   2-3 doses @ £60 each 120.00 - 180.00
Tetanus 30.00


Some travel vaccinations are free of charge under the NHS. Some are not and are charged privately. Please ask reception for further information.

Fees may change without notice. Please enquire with reception and current fees will be provided. A price list is also displayed in our waiting area.

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