*Please be aware that patients will no longer receive text confirmation that we have received your request. We will contact you only in case of any queries. If you won't hear from us, you can contact your pharmacy to check if your medication is ready to collect.*

Prescriptions are available 48 hours after the request has been received.

They can be requested in the following ways:

  • By using NHS APP - more info here
  • Online using our clinical system website “Emis Patient Access” (please contact us if you have not already registered for use of this service or see below)

We do not transmit sensitive patient madication information by unsecured email (NHS emails are protected with high security system).  Taking instruction from you in this way can lead to mistakes and misunderstanding with regards to the drugs requested, the dosage and frequency.

Regular Online Repeat Prescription Requests

The NHS APP is the easiest and preferred pathway to request all of your medication. 

Patient Access will enable you to set up a personal account which will create a secure and dedicated login for you to access our clinical system. You will be able to see repeat prescriptions and select them for re-order.  You will need to register for this service, just follow the instructions below.

The registration process has to be carefully monitored and authorised by us, to ensure that your personal medical information can only be accessed by you.  You will need to come into the Surgery with the documents below to confirm your identity.

  • Photo Identification     -   Passport or Driving Licence
  • Address Confirmation -   We only except Bank Statement or Council Tax Bill

We can generate a Registration Offer Letter which will detail your login username and password only after confirming your identity.  Once you are in possession of this letter you can set up the account from home (any internet connection) by following the simple instructions.    Click below to use this online service.

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