Flu Vaccination Programme 2019/20

We expect to get underway with our vaccination programme at the end of September.   Unfortunately, there has been a slight delay in delivery but we are hoping to start running flu clinics during the first week in October.   For more information please click on our Immunisation box on the front page.

Final Flu Clinics are now on and limited stock!


Appointments and Prescriptions

GP Appointments :   We have added more telephone appointments with all our doctors and if you feel this will suffice, please do book one of these.    We currently offer you approximately 35% of our appointments (with all doctors) as “on the day”, these are not just for urgent consultations.   The remainder are reserved as routine advance appointments.  We continually monitor these in attempt to balance supply and demand, and we are considering reducing the number of on the day appointments to reduce waiting times for routine advance bookings.  We do always have a dedicated Duty Doctor that deals with urgent problems and is available for the entire day.

Important Note :   We do want to look after you, and it goes without saying that should you believe your problem requires urgent attention or you feel unwell please make the reception team aware of this when you call, as we will want to see you as quickly as possible. 

Prescription requests :  We can normally prepare these within 48 hours, but they have to be requested or handed in at the front desk by 12noon for the 48 hours to apply. 

After this time, it is simply not possible for us to meet this deadline.   For example, if you drop your request into the prescription box at 1230 on a Monday, it will not be ready for collection until Thursday morning.  I appreciate that this may seem a long wait but we have to deal with over 500 requests a week and our doctors like to ensure that all medications are properly reviewed, which means accessing each medical record and reviewing drugs, quantities and time frames. We take this very seriously and this task requires careful thought and protected time, so cannot be undertaken during consultations.


Minor Eye Problems?

If you have recent problem with your eyes - such as sore eyes, red eyes or visual disturbance, you can be assessed and treated by the local Minor Eye Conditions Service.

For further information please click on the link below

Minor Eye Problems Leaflet


Prescribing of Over the Counter Medicines is Changing

Your GP, nurse or pharmacist will not generally give you a prescription for certain medicines that are available to by in a pharmacy or supermarket, even if you qualify for free prescriptions.

For further information please click on the link below

Over The Counter Medicines Leaflet


We are a GP Training Practice

Parkshot Medical is a GP Training Practice, which means that we have been approved for undergraduate and post-graduate training of GP registrars.  Registrars are already fully qualified doctors, in their final stage of professional General Practice training.   This is supervised by Dr Lucy Farley and Dr Justin Woolley. 

Registrars normally stay with Parkshot Medical for around 12 months. During which time they see patients in their own GP clinics. They are closely supervised, so part of their ongoing development involves the trainer sitting in to observe a consultation, or analysis of videoed consultations. For this reason patients may be asked for their permission to have consultations with GP Registrar’s recorded. No physical examinations are recorded. lease rest assured that this will only be done with your written consent, and if you decide not to have the consultation recorded, it will not affect the care you receive in any way.

As a teaching practice, patients may also meet medical students in the surgery or accompanying the doctor on their calls. These students are going through a very important part of their medical training and your co-operation is extremely valuable and much appreciated.  However, if you would prefer not to engage with our students please inform reception and they will pass on your wishes to the doctor.

Our current GP Registrars are Dr Faye Ramkissoon and Dr Janet Bolaji

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